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As Canada's first inclusive Rugby team, the Rogues strive to make sport a place where everyone feels a part of the team. 

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It’s our pleasure to announce the return of something we love: a fresh reboot of the Vancouver Rogues Rugby Club. The original RoguesRFC (2002-2012) were trailblazers as the first openly gay/inclusive rugby team in all of Canada. Now, we pickup their torch and continue their legacy; to bring inclusiveness into one of the hardest sports out there, to fight fight racism, transphobia, and homophobia; not only in our sport and others, but across society in general.

Through the upcoming year, whether the Vancouver Rogues end up playing in their own touch-rugby league, or against other BCRU teams as they once did, we will still endeavour to attend the August 2022 Bingham Cup in Ottawa, and enjoy the sport we love with over 80 other like minded gay/inclusive rugby teams.

If you are interested in joining the Rogues, please signup at the link below:


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