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Rugby – FAQ

Q: Am I too small to play rugby?  We’re not going to lie to you, rugby is a physical game. Size does play a factor, but not as much as you would think. There are 15 positions on the field that require 15 different body types. Rather than thinking in terms of tall or short, stocky or slim, think “solid”. It doesn’t matter what size you are as long as you can play solidly and stay on your feet – and that has more to do with power and technique than body composition.

Q: What kind of shape do I have to be in to play, will I get hurt?  You’ll run. A lot. Some positions run more than others, but regardless of your spot on the pitch, being in shape is a huge asset. Being fit also plays a HUGE part in helping you to remain injury-free. We get it, COVID-19 hasn't been good for anyone's waistline, joining the team is the best way to get back into shape. Getting injured and playing Rugby aren't synonymous. You'll get bruises, scrapes and cuts, but proper training goes a long way into ensuring you don't get injured. Since COVID stopped essentially all group sports, Rugby Canada and BCRU have developed a "return to play" strategy that ensures players are appropriately prepared for full contact games. 

Q: I’ve never played before… is that a problem?  Nope! One of the goals of the club is to target novice players. That includes beginners. We specifically structure practices so that anyone can join at any point during the season. That doesn't mean you'll be put into play on the first match you attend (Unless you play like Gareth Thomas) so don't worry about getting in over your head. A significant percentage of our players have never played team sports, and that's why we're here. Many LGBTQIA people never played sports because they didn't fit in, or were afraid of the stereotypical portrayal of teenage team sports. The Rogues are here to change that. We want you to be comfortable playing and practicing with us, regardless of your sporting history. 

Q: What equipment do I need?  A good rugby jersey or sweatshirt for cold weather, shorts, cleats (called rugby boots), and a mouth-guard.

Q: What makes this team different from other teams?  Not much, really. One of the Rogues main goals is to help inclusivity in Sport. We actively recruit from the LGBTQIA community,  and with that in mind, we have different goals from many of the Rugby Clubs in town, but we're still in it for the sport and camaraderie that Rugby is famous for. B.C is a hotbed for professional Rugby development, and most teams here have divisions ranging from Premier to Third division. The Rogues play in the BCRU Third Division, but we'll play against some of the best players in Canada. Our short term goals are to field a team in the BCRU regular season, and field a team at the Ottawa 2022 Bingham Cup. 

The Rogues will always provide an inclusive and inviting club environment by players of any community.

Q: What if I don’t fall into one of the “under-represented” categories… does that mean I’m not welcome to play for the Rogues?  Being committed to diversity is just one of the things we do.  We don’t give any special preference or differential treatment to anyone on the pitch or in the clubhouse.  Success on the team is wholly dependent on the dedication, skill, and talent of each individual player. None of that has anything to do with colour, ethnicity, or sexual preference.  We believe that our goal of involving under-represented groups shouldn’t exclude our allies, some of who are the biggest cheerleaders for the sport. 

What we don't stand for is any sort of discrimination, or intolerance. Rugby is one of those unique sports, where what happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch and while we can always laugh about a bad play, or a overly rough tackle in the Third Half, ANY form of discrimination, intolerance or cruel behaviour will result in immediate dismissal from the club. 

Q: Do you have a women’s team?  We don’t have a women’s team right now, unfortunately. It’s a very high priority for us, but being a new club, we have limited resources – both volunteer and funding-wise. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping us develop a women’s program, please contact us.

Q: How competitive are you? What sort of time commitment is required?  We’re not a house league.  We play competitively in the BC Rugby Union. We're a sub team of the Meraloma Club, one of the oldest sporting clubs in BC, with their own storied history. That means we have games from 11 – 2PM most Saturdays between the middle of September and end of November, and between February and April. We practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 – 9PM during the season.

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