The Vancouver Rogues Partner with the Meraloma Rugby Club
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The Vancouver Rogues Partner with the Meraloma Rugby Club

The Vancouver Rogues Rugby Club and the Meraloma Rugby Club are proud to announce an exciting partnership!

The Rogues are Canada’s first gay and inclusive rugby team, first active from 2001 to 2009 who at that time, literally ‘went rogue’ to make a safe space for LGBTQ2I+ players. In 2021, a group of highly motivated individuals from diverse rugby backgrounds sought to permanently revive the Rogues and rejoin the BCRU 3rd Division rugby scene, with eyes set on attending the 2022 Bingham Cup in Ottawa.

Starting a rugby club from scratch is no easy task, especially in a region saturated with many healthy and thriving clubs. The progressive Meraloma Rugby Club (est 1923) heard of the reformation of the Rogues and offered to help in any way they could to get help get them off the ground. Not only are the Meralomas hosting the reformed Rogues at their fields and clubhouse, but they have also endeavoured to partner together with them to help bring more diversity and inclusivity to the local rugby community.

Although the Rogues fill a niche that was lacking in the local rugby scene, they have come together as a club within the Meraloma family, who are assisting in preserving the profound legacy of the Rogues. This is a family that recognizes that rugby is for all people, regardless of orientation or origin, and that diversity and inclusivity is truly what matters.

The Rogues extend their deepest gratitude to the brothers and sisters in their new Meraloma family for their continued support in bringing Canada’s first queer rugby team back to life. To show our gratitude, the Rogues honour our hosts by wearing Meraloma branded shorts with the highly iconic <M> graphic as well as by incorporating the Meraloma orange into the new and improved Rogues logo; a caped rogue character, carrying a progress pride flag shaped rugby ball, adorned in an shirt colour matched to the specific Meraloma Orange.

The Rogues are officially registered as the 2nd Meraloma 3rd Division men’s team, and on Sept 25 both the Rogues and the other 3rd Division men’s team faced off in what would be the Rogues first  game as a club in over 10 years, and their very first Meraloma Club Day, with every division team playing at home in Connaught Park. Although the Rouges had a respectable showing in their first game as a reborn club, being defeated Meraloma’s 3rd Div Men’s team in points, The Rogues claimed victory in the boatrace at the clubhouse after.

Thank you Meralomas! To the start of an awesome new era in rugby!

“Once a Loma, Always a Loma”

Vancouver Rogues Rugby Club Executive Board.

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