Rogues Practice: August 29, 2021
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Rogues Practice: August 29, 2021

Howdy Ruggers,

Welcome back for another week of the Rogues blog! Our practice this week was fairly lowkey: our lovely Meraloma guest Tim and the comfy weather kept it fun and engaging! Several new faces made it out to the field which is always a treat to see, and we continue to encourage new players to give the sport a shot and participate in some sweaty team fun. Yours truly was injured with a pulled hamstring, so I unfortunately didn’t participate in the practice, but that didn’t stop me from supporting the team (and also getting drunk in the 3rd half)!

Sunday began with our coaches running us through warm-up drills to get the team nimble. Afterwards, we worked through running and passing drills to improve our ball-handling. Then, with the help of Tim, we practiced some tackle forms: both how to bring someone down and to how to be tackled and hit the ground safely. Practice ended with an hour of 'friendly' inter-team touch games!

Our Rogue of the Day was Will Anderson! He was awarded for his positive attitude and strong drive that he gave on the field. Give him your condragulations next time you see him if you haven't yet already!

As usual, practice ended with a small BBQ and drinks at the Meraloma club. After a few hours, we packed up and headed off to Pumpjack to round out the night.

Alright, that's it for now! Catch you for the next post!


Rogues Rugby

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