Rogues Practice: August 15, 2021
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Rogues Practice: August 15, 2021

Hey Rogue lovers,

August 15th was the 9th weekly practice for the Rogues! Finally a day with some cool weather, which the ruggers were extremely grateful for. While they were no special guests this week, the Rogues put out their best efforts.

Practice began with our favourite "Father Abraham" dance led by Gord, and then some warm-up running. Then, we moved onto traffic drills. The focus is on good, clean passes while avoiding the traffic of your teammates running perpendicular to you.

The Rogues are continuing their contact practice too! This time, we split off into pairs and then got into the 'bear stance' position facing each other. The drill was to try to knock each other over by swatting at each others' hands. In another contact drill, the pairs would interlock heads and apply pressure to each other to try to push each other back.

Our Rogue of the Week was Sal Fuda! Sal won for his contributions to the blog and for bringing his best in what is uncharted territory for him. When you see him next, give him your congrats and buy him a beer before Del does!

Next week the Rogues head to Chilliwack to get our first taste of friendly touch games. Wish us all the best!

Alright! That's all we got. Catch us next week!


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