Rogues Practice: July 25, 2021
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Rogues Practice: July 25, 2021

Hello everyone!

On July 25th, the Rogues had their 6th weekly practice. It was a hot, cloudless, sunny Sunday with another great turn out. We learned some new techniques and are going to be featured on TV!

Practise began with some new running and passing drills. We focussed on a fake out drill, where one runner makes lots of noise for the pass, but the ball is actually passed to a different runner going the opposite way. We also started working on some mock scrums: attackers now need to come up and defend their downed teammate or defenders can take possession and run with it.

As well, the Rogues are going to be in a short feature on Global TV. They sent a camera man out to record our practice, and interviewed 3 of our members: Deryck, our president, Gord, our vice president, and Brendan Rivas, our Rogue of the Day from last week. Keep your eyes on Global for our segment and be sure to share it with your friends and family.

Our Rogue of the Day this week was Yogi Suzuki! Everyone please give him your congratulations for the energy and drive he brings to practise every week.

Finally, we rounded off the day by adding the Buffalo drinking game to our club culture. Don’t let us catch you sipping that beer with your right hand! Gord and Deryck also taught some of the rookies a few rugby songs in the back patio of the Pumpjack. Luckily, Del wasn’t too upset with us.

Alright, that’s it for now. Catch us next Wednesday for our weekly updates.


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